4th Report Low Cost Sport Facilities in Spain 2016



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In this document is presented the fourth edition of this report, which reflects the presence of low cost private gyms in Spain, open until January 1st, 2016.

Unlike previous reports, this time, Low Cost centers are those which maximum price is 21,99€ + VAT per month, (two euros more expensive than the usual 19,99€ + VAT), as this price increase has been detected in most of this type of facilities.

In this report, numeric data, location and companies of the center are analyzed. In addition, the experts’ opinion, of four low cost chain managers, and the user opinion are also included. These opinions were obtained by a study conducted in collaboration with the University of Sevilla, where their level of satisfaction and perceived quality were analyzed.

Compared to the third report of 2015, a growth of 17,5% has been observed in the opening of new centers in Spain, ten points less than last year. The rise of specialized companies is reduced to 7% compared to last year’s 15%.

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